Friday, November 22, 2013

Fun Runs? Thanks, But No Thanks.

Recently I've noticed an influx of races that offer more than just running, such as mud, paint, glow sticks, costumes, or obstacles.  I've also had quite a few friends invite me to some of these races.  They ask me because they know I love running, so assume that, naturally, I would want to do one of these fun runs.  While I am flattered that they would think of me, I have to politely make up some excuse as to why I can't.   The reality of it is I have no desire to pay to run 3 miles and get paint sprayed all over me.  Or do some burpees in the middle of my run.  Ain't nobody got time for that.  If I'm going to pay to enter a race, I better be going for a PR.  That's just the way my Type A personality works. 

I would almost go so far as to add trail runs to that list, although I have done a few (Flagstaff 10K and Bucket of Blood Half Marathon).  My thoughts are that it's already hard enough to run; I certainly don't need a mountain to climb up as well.  Or some rocks or trees to avoid.  Now, this could have something to do with where I live.  Here in the high desert of northern Arizona there aren't many trails.  My runs are on mostly flat, straight roads.  I think it is absolutely beautiful and I love running here. 

Homolovi Ruins 10K
I guess I'm just not all that into obstacles and mud and glow sticks.  Maybe that makes me a boring runner; maybe that makes me a serious runner? 

Although I probably won't be suiting up for one of these fun runs, I love that they are getting people who would otherwise never run out there and running!

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