Saturday, November 23, 2013

Phoenix Marathon Training Weeks 1-4

The first 4 weeks of marathon training have been going great.  I have no complaints and so far I am really liking this plan.  It has us running short and easy on Tuesday and Thursday, a tempo run on Wednesdays, and then the usual long run on Saturday.  I have been cross training on Monday and Friday with Focus T25, swimming, and yoga. 
Something new that I have been doing for this marathon training is wearing my heart rate monitor and really paying attention to what zone my heart rate is in when I run.  I'm trying to get used to running by effort and keeping my heart rate in a certain zone, instead of just focusing on the pace.  Sometimes I have to slow way down, which is hard for me, but I'm confident it's the smart thing to do.
This morning we got up to 11 miles...and it just happened to have been raining for the past 24 hours non-stop.  I was a little nervous about running in the rain (since it never rains here), but Larissa assured me it would be fine, even a little fun.  She was right.  Those were some of the best miles I've ever run. 

I even braved an ice bath when I got home.  Complete with hot chocolate.   

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