Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bucket of Blood Half Marathon

Two years ago I said I'd never do the Bucket of Blood Half again.  Here I am two years later with my feet up recovering from the Bucket of Blood Half Marathon I ran this morning.  I guess racing is a little like childbirth, you truly forget how bad it is as time goes on. 

Two years ago
I'm happy to say I had a much better race this time around.  Last time, I wasn't prepared for the record heat that day .  This year, I had sunblock, sunglasses, a hat, and poured water over myself at every aid station.  Not too mention the race started out with cloudy skies and probably never got above 75 degrees.  Last time I wasn't prepared for a trail run.  This year I knew the course so it helped mentally to know what to expect.  Not too mention I have incorporated hills into my weekly running schedule.  Last time, it was the first annual race, meaning there weren't many runners, the course was marked and measured poorly, t-shirts were a bust (they said 13.1K instead of 13.1 miles), and there was not even an official finish line .  This year there were a lot more runners, the course was well marked and measured, t-shirts and medals were cute, and they had a great finish line area. 

Now for the important details.  Last time I finished at around 2:15.  I ended up walking the last 3 miles because my IT Band tightened up.  I could barely walk by the end.  This year, I ran the whole thing pain free and finished at 1:54.  Not my personal best, but not bad for a trail course (there were only about 2 miles total on pavement).
1)  8:15
2)  9:09
3)  8:49
4)  8:56
5)  8:37
6)  8:31
7)  9:05
8)  8:22
9)  9:04
10)  9:16
11)  8:44
12)  8:55
13)  8:52

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