Friday, July 12, 2013

Graston Technique for Shin Splints

My shin splints were just not going away.  I felt like my new stability shoes, orthotics, and calf sleeves were preventing it from getting worse, but that I needed to do something more to heal that area first. 
I had a few treatments of the Graston Technique and I think it did the trick! 
Here's how my leg looked a few hours after a session.


 Here's how it looked a few days after a session.

Be warned, the Graston Technique is not for the faint of heart.  It hurts like heck while it's getting done.  Think of metal tools digging repeatedly into an area that is already injured.  Plus, it will leave you pretty tender and bruised for a few days afterwards. 
But, it's all worth it.  I'm a big believer in this type of healing.  ASTYM healed my chronic IT Band pain, and now hopefully Graston Technique is going to heal my shin splints.  After just a few sessions I can already feel a difference.  

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  1. I've been suffering Posterior Shin Splints for 3.5 years now. did everything and finally started Graston Technique Treatment. I hope it works!! how did your treatment turn out?