Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Triathlon Training Week 3

I had to ease back a little this week because I think I overdid it last week.  The good news is that I only had to set an alarm 1 day this week.  Instead I squeezed workouts in during the day or after work.  The bad news is that I forgot how hard it is to get in a workout in the evening.  There is just too much going on with dinner, homework, and soccer practice.  As much as I would like to sleep a little longer in the morning, I think it's worth it to set an alarm and get my workout done while my family sleeps. 

I only did 1 run this week because I was letting my shin rest.  I've noticed quite a few lumps along the bone so I had one more treatmnent of Graston to try to smooth those out.  I am crossing my fingers that I can finally kick this nagging case of shin splints. 

I closed out week 3 with: 
1 yoga session (1.5 hours)
1 run (8 miles)
2 bike rides (18 miles and 12 miles)
3 swims (2 x 525, 1200, and 1200)

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