Monday, May 6, 2013

Sugar Detox Report

It's May 6 and I still haven't had a Dr. Pepper (or any other soda) or any desserts, treats, candy, etc.  After eating like crap in March, my goal was to go the whole month of April without any sugar.  I realize that lots of foods have sugar in them (like ketchup) and I did not cut those out.  But I did cut out everything else, like cinnamon rolls for Steve's birthday, homemade oreos from a dessert auction, and s'mores at a family dinner to name a few.   

I'm so glad I did this challenge. It was a good test of willpower, and I feel like it was kind of a reset for my body.  My point of this month-long challenge was not to lose weight (which I didn't), but to get rid of the cravings.  And I am happy to report that it was a success.  Hence, it being 6 days past my end goal date and I still haven't had any sugar.  Although, a large part of my motivation to keep going is that I only have a week left of P90X2 so I am going to stick with it until I finish that. 

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