Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Week 1 of P90X2 is in the books!

Going from triathlon training right into marathon training didn't leave me with a lot of time for weight training type exercises.  I was ready for a change, preferably out of the cold weather, and this was just what I needed.

It differs from P90X in that you use stability and medicine balls for a lot of the workouts, instead of dumbbells, and it seems a little slower paced.  The emphasis is more on balance and power.  Don't be fooled, you will be dripping with sweat and your muscles will be sore.  It is especially great for the core. 

I wasn't sure how I would fit running in but so far it hasn't been a problem.  I can get a run in on X2 Core day, X2 yoga day, and the Recovery & Mobility day.

I'm doin' my best, and forgettin' the rest!

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